Doomsday Preppers is Making Fun of You

Recently, I caught a few episodes of Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo channel. My conclusion is that while it provides some useful and helpful info, I got the impression that there is an undercurrent of making fun of the preppers.

It is hard to describe, but it seemed as though the punchline was "look at these weirdos". Is it just me? It just seems tongue-in-cheek . . .

The thing that is lost on the audience is that much of what I saw was common sense stuff, that our grandparents or great grandparents did all the time. Now, it is odd. The grocery store will always full and the government will help you. Horseshit! If real trouble comes, you are on your own.
The intellectual elite behind this program and surrounding us in many of our neighborhoods, chuckle and laugh at the idea that life could change rapidly, and require extreme measures to survive disruptions of food and supplies. They seem to think that we are somehow immune to trouble. An another example, I recently watched a movie called, "The Impossible".

The movie was about the devastating tsunami Thailand a few years ago. The family was on vacation and by the pool when the wave hit. Granted you would be by the pool with a Bugout bag, but they were unsuspecting and had nothing and few skills. The happy ending was that they survived and were reunited. The reality is most people go through life in a fog and totally unprepared to deal with trouble.

Part of why people are in a "fog" is that they have been conditioned to believe nothing bad ever happens . . . so when there are people prepping for trouble-- they are freaks and are to be ridiculed and made fun of by the intellectually "superior". Hence, I believe Doomsday Preppers actually is making fun of the practice.  

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