Emergency Preparedness: Just Because You Say it Couldn't Happen to You . . .

Doesn't mean it won't happen to you. I am constantly amazed at how many people think bad things can't or won't happen to them.

People seem to go through life ignoring or being ignorant of the potential problems around them. They seem to believe that they:


  • Won't have medical issues
  • Will not lose their job
  • Won't be involved in an accident
  • Will not be a victim of crime

The list goes on . . .

The point is you should take steps to protect yourself:


  • Backups
  • Plan B's
  • Insurance
  • Just in case money

Have ways to deal with trouble . . . prepare!

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DDFD believes that self reliance and self sufficiency are the roads to individual freedom.  He is dedicated to living a quality life through frugality, personal growth and productivity, and defensive entrepreneurship.  He also enjoys cooking from scratch and fishing.


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