Disaster Strikes: Are All Your Information Resources Digital?

If your information resources are all digital . . . bad move. You are putting too much faith in the idea that the electricity will still be flowing at your house and at the locations of the data. An ice storm in here the Northeast could take away my electricity, if my information on alternative energy is all online-- I can't get at it now can I? Not very self reliant.

What's the solution? Go analog. I store plenty of data on my computer, but I also have good old fashioned books and printouts of useful information. Additionally, I have tangible, paper maps and atlases because GPS is not guaranteed-- neither is Mapquest or Google Maps.

I have books on many of the topics covered on this site-- I will start putting up some lists and recommendations in future posts, but simply put, one should have some of the following in print and on hand in case of emergency:

I think you get the idea. We all assume we will have access to everything at any moment, unfortunately, that is a false assumption.

The name of the game for being prepared (the Boy Scouts really do have it right), is to consider many possible contingencies and have solutions in place . . .

Now that I think of it-- you may want to print this post out . . .

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DDFD believes that self reliance and self sufficiency are the roads to individual freedom.  He is dedicated to living a quality life through frugality, personal growth and productivity, and defensive entrepreneurship.  He also enjoys cooking from scratch and fishing.


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